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Hello there! We’re a global crew of design, development, and digital marketing pros, reaching for the stars in the digital universe. Our name, ’Maanaq’ (Achieving Excellence), might sound a bit fancy, but we’re all about infusing fun and excitement into everything we do. Our diverse team sparks growth through hands-on experimentation and a commitment to continual learning.

Join us on this journey where creativity meets expertise, shaping the digital frontier with a touch of flair!

Step into the digital frontier with us as your dedicated partners, respecting your aspirations and dreams. We bring impactful, lasting, and motivational solutions to the table. Brace yourself for an epic journey, bid farewell to the ordinary, and welcome new horizons. It’s your brand’s time to shine in the spotlight. Together, let’s create magic and unlock the true potential of your brand!

Established in 2020

This is  Maanaq—a creative design and marketing venture infused with a young, fresh vision dedicated to sparking change through the transformative power of design. Our mission is more than just business; it’s about building a relationship based on belief—in YOU and YOUR DREAMS. We passionately tackle the challenges that keep you awake at night.

At our core, we stand on pillars of respect, quality, and diversity, acting as a catalyst for our valued partners. By seamlessly blending research and critical thinking with our versatile skill set, we visually prototype ideas that drive progress not only in business but also ripple through the broader world, thanks to our imaginative strategies.

Meet the dynamic duo -
THE TWIN founders

Maryam Saboor

Ayesha Saboor

Their shared dream gave birth to Maanaq, and with their combined strength, they’ve propelled it into a successful agency with a global reach.

Now, Ayesha and Maryam invite you to consider Maanaq as your Twin Partner. Just like them, Maanaq shares your vision and passion, doubling the force dedicated to ensuring your next success. Let’s make strides together and turn your aspirations into achievements

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SWEDEN     +46 76 960 8638
UAE     +971 50 295 5640
PAKISTAN     +92 331 5220258

All right reserved @ 2024 Maanaq

SWEDEN     +46 76 960 8638
UAE     +971 50 295 5640
PAKISTAN     +92 331 5220258

All right reserved @ 2024 Maanaq